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(Its premise is even reminiscent of 1971’s “Deathdream,” in which a mother won’t let her husband destroy their son, who’s come back from the dead a ravenous zombie.)RELATED: Review: "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" is not "Liz Lemon Goes to War"“That’s the great thing about horror: You can combine it with other genres.You can deal with any theme you want to,” Sisto says.“You’re learning about another culture while you’re working,” Sisto explains.

But this time we will not get sucked into their suburban ways and we will keep hold of our urban identity.

RELATED: Interview: Freida Pinto on what on earth it's like to act in a Terrence Malick movie“My wife doesn’t like them,” he says.

But he’s drawn towards ones that tend to be brainier. I’m naturally drawn to things that deal with human emotions in a way that I can relate to.”Making the film also meant shooting in India, which he’d never been to before.

In the process, she accidentally unleashes his spirit into the world, along with others, wreaking havoc.

More than most horrors, it’s about something real, namely grief and the sometimes dangerous limits of parental love.

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