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or maybe you'll bump into that special someone at a local Singles Event, we have the lowdown on various areas - such as: New York City Oklahoma City Orlando Philadelphia Phoenix Pittsburgh Portland Raleigh - Durham Sacramento Salt Lake City San Antonio San Diego San Francisco - San Jose Seattle St.

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It’s just about showing to other people that your life is so cool.”Virgo pressed further.“So if you were to have a film that’s very successful, and Chanel wanted you to be a model for an ad, or Lancome or any of those big companies, would you do it? Once, he admitted, he actually cast an actress because she had 3 million followers.You’ve had a good career, it’s going well, and suddenly they want you to be the face of a perfume.”“It’s not what we do,” she insisted. At first, he fought against the choice, but ultimately realized her social media presence could prove helpful to the project.“I tell you this because obviously you have talent and you’re young and you have a long career ahead of you,” said Virgo, noting that he also shared a disdain for sharing his life online.“So you might want to have someone else do it for you. Friends for life, every single one of them.”Of the eight in the group, Athie was arguably the best known coming into the festival, having just appeared in the critically acclaimed Sundance festival favorite “Patti Cakes.” But in the days since the event wrapped, some of the other Rising Stars already seem to be capitalizing on the momentum from the fest.Vinnie Bennett, left, Mary Galloway, Ellen Wong, Theodore Pellerin, Lina El Arabi and Mamoudou Athie, members of TIFF's Rising Stars, at the 42nd Toronto International Film Festival. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times) When Vinnie Bennett first walked into a gifting lounge at the Toronto International Film Festival, he was handed some complimentary bags of M&Ms.Sure, he could have bought the candy for a few bucks at a local drugstore.

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