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you are so pretty and very beautiful you re very sexy and You re so hot I Would love you so much i have sexual dreams about you and me making out i would merry you if I could.I was astonished at the huge reaction the letter generated.A long-time vegetarian, she persuaded her boyfriend to give up meat two years ago.Did she experience difficulties in concentrating or even getting out of bed in the morning. “I did not suffer from depression,” she says firmly.” It was a thoroughly modern medium for discussing a terribly 21st-century trauma leona lewis who is she dating. ” Lewis with Simon Cowell, with whom she signed a five-album deal in 2006 (REX) How dignified.“I don’t judge – each to their own – I just wouldn’t ever get my boobs out in public.

At first they didn’t want me to go, and rumours were being put out that I was dropped, which was very upsetting.

“Before, I thought I wanted to be young and single, then once I was I realised it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be,” she says. Coming to terms with a painful break-up last September, she wrote a letter to the world across two pages of a notebook and posted pictures of it on Twitter.

I think the most unexpected meeting place was in Romania.

” Moving on from Simon Lewis, who has a Delphic, enigmatic quality, comes across as determined to keep her own counsel. The split in question was from not a lover but a far more significant other, namely Simon Cowell – Mephistophelean music impresario, kingmaker and chart-breaker.

” If that isn’t a de facto indictment of her previous label, it’s hard to know what would be.

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