Most intimidating seahawk

Shock-proof pumps, valves, etc., will be significantly more expensive than their non-shock counterparts.They may also take up more volume, again requiring internal redesign.GUEST POST FROM KEITH CAMPBELL Since the first information was published about the second batch of the River-class patrol ships, officially referred to as Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs), I have felt that they have been widely misunderstood.I believe they could be a much more significant development than is generally believed.

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However, the new, strengthened, flight deck will be heavier than the existing flight deck.The Flight Deck Officer position had to be designed and integrated into the Ship’s superstructure in such a way as not to interfere with the crane, or other fittings and equipment, and integrated into the various ship systems, including power, communications and air conditioning.This might have been straightforward, but then again it might have involved some delicate redesign.Increased stowage space also suggests some internal redesign.In addition, don’t forget, all these internal changes cannot be made in isolation.

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