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Promotional photo of the Hannah Montana main characters from season one to three.

From left to right are Rico Suave (Moisés Arias), Jackson Stewart (Jason Earles), Robby Stewart (Billy Ray Cyrus), Miley Stewart as Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus), Oliver Oken (Mitchel Musso), Lilly Truscott (Emily Osment) Miley Ray Stewart (Miley Cyrus) is the teen main character of Hannah Montana. Her rivals, when she is Miley, are Amber and Ashley.

Jackson also has a central role in the feature film Hannah Montana: The Movie.

Despite portraying a teen, Jason Earles was in his late twenties when he started the show. Like the rest of his family, Jackson is from Tennessee.

Jackson is a very regular character in Hannah Montana.

In the episode "He Could Be the One", Jackson does not take part in the actual story, but appears as a third-person omniscient narrator, although even in this role he appears in character.

On several occasions Jackson even goes to great lengths to help Miley when she gets herself in serious trouble.

He is known for his goofy, lazy and disgusting habits.

He now goes to college, which he often brags about.

Jackson and Miley constantly bicker and compete for their father's approval.

Unlike Robby, Lilly and Oliver, Jackson does not attend Hannah events in disguise.

This is at first because he exploits his connection with Hannah to impress his dates.

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