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Several other records, such as Year of the Dog 12" were released, before the band went on the European tour, visiting England, Germany and Spain, among other places.January 16, 2007 marked the band's live television debut on MTV Live, where they were introduced as "Effed Up".The series, which featured 20 Toronto artists, had lead singer Damian Abraham inside Rotate This talking about his love of vinyl and punk music.Fucked Up were confirmed to play the ATP New York 2010 music festival in Monticello, New York in September 2010.During their performance of their song "Baiting The Public", the majority of the audience were moshing and causing damage to the set (also visible was a cut on lead singer Damian's forehead), resulting in a sum of 00 in damages.This performance sparked controversy and resulted in MTV Canada banning moshing from future MTV Live performances.The band also confirmed they will play their annual Halloween gig in Toronto, October 31, 2010.

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Following the release of the demo, the band embarked on a long series of 7" records. The Police 7" was released on March 2003, quickly followed the Baiting the Public 7" in May 2003.Pics with wide opened pussies and asses, you'll be amazed with these close-up pictures. Just prior to recording their demo tape, Concentration Camp concentrated on guitar duties and vocal duties were taken over from Colohan by Pink Eyes (Damian Abraham, also known as Mr. The band's use of imagery and symbolism (notable the use of Sigils) took a decided turn after the release of Epics in Minutes, as it was followed by two limited 12"s, the Looking for Gold 12", and the live Let Likes be Cured by Likes 12".After touring for most of 2005 the band took on David Eliade as a quasi-full-time manager/promoter.In early 2006 Eliade began shopping demos of songs from the planned Hidden World album to labels, ending with the band signing to Jade Tree Records for an early fall 2006 release of the album.

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