Interracial dating cities

As an adult, however, moving into several areas outside the city, the reaction to my African American husband and biracial children was complete opposite.Towns like Wilmington, Woburn, Canton, nice rural areas where you would want to raise your family, are all riddled with racism. Only people who have not lived outside of the Metro a Boston area can truly say this state is not racist. My girlfriend is black and I am white and I have 0 tolerance for racism.My brother moved his family (interracial couple with kids) to tenessee for a year and they could not stand it. They came back with such appreciation for the laidback attitude of the average Californian.Here in San diego we don't have to worry about staying out of certain neighborhoods if you are the wrong color.We were six female Hispanic adults, all related, and we all have money. I just felt we were not welcome and people were not friendly, at all.Other people I know have not had that same experience, therefore, I was open to vacationing.California I am originally from New York and moved to California in high school.

I do not think there is a place in this country where one could say racism does not exist. In Tacoma for example, there was an event similar to that which occurred to 'Black Wall Street' in Tulsa Oklahoma, where Chinese-American's were forced out of their homes, murdered, and their business destroyed, all by white residents.

In a town where it is not uncommon to see someone walking around in sweats and sandals Interracial couples and mixed kids (at least in San ..I've lived in southern Cali over 30yrs and have to say that racism exists, sometimes blatantly, depending on where your at.

In the Inland Empire the American-Mexicans have nerve to be openly racist, murderous & hostile towards blacks, even though most of us share the same skin tone as them or have Hispanic relatives.

This is based on a comparison to most of the states in the US.

Racism does exist here, but it is not a prominent as in New York, Florida, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania (ooh ooh), Boston, Texas (thumbs down), Georgia, etc. It is true that most races have a good general respect and I must say that I have met a good number of people from diverse backgrounds who have a real sense of what the world should be like.

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