Genetic dating internet dating game players

Two years ago I’m embarrassed to admit that I bought “age-defying with DNA advantage cream makeup” because I couldn’t resist the goop in the see-through container swirled into a double helix shape.I’d thought I’d read that FTC had made these genetics references in cosmetics ads disappear, but they forgot to tell Google.But couples with similar variants would be better off if one of them needs a blood transfusion, bone marrow transplant, or part of a liver.

Testimonials on the company’s website attest to the fact that people do believe that choosing dates based on limited genotyping has value.

A more questionable application of DNA testing is in “relationship science,” something I learned about a few weeks ago when a reporter from asked me about it.

And so I perused the website of the “leader in human genetic compatibility.” The company offers tests for four genes.

Plus the HLA genes are so involved in biological compatibility that I suspect they indeed have something to do with scent and pheromones.

But do we need a DNA test to tell us when a potential date stinks? That’s one characteristic we can’t yet inspect on our electronic devices.

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