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Our highly trained Philippines investigators can verify the individual and provide you with clear evidence.Are you thinking about hiring someone or investing in the Philippines?We offer a wide range of services such as due diligence, missing persons, Philippines background checks, dating verifications and surveillance.

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In due diligence and background check cases, we can verify any individual or company on a comprehensive scale.

And yes, we're also verified by Truste, Mc Afee and the Better Business Bureau. We offer competitive pricing, comprehensive services and expert investigations.

Need a private detective to investigate a legal or personal matter? Now the largest private detective agency in the Philippines, Philippine PI is the trusted source for professional private investigation.

Have you met a Filipina on social media or an online dating website? Marriage fraud, romance scams and Internet fraud are common in the Philippines, and scamming foreigners via the Internet is a serious problem throughout the country.

How do you know the person you're dealing with is who he or she claims to be?

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