Dating while in alcoholics anonymous Dating pusy or blading com

There was absolutely no funny business; no getting up in the middle of the night and slipping under the covers, no team showers, not even so much as a bare nipple.

The next morning we got up, ate breakfast, and drove out to Bellaire for an early morning meeting that Vicky had heard about from her sponsor.

Not only was she a sexy little Hispanic coke addict (what else could you ask for in a woman?

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Of course, being the smart kid I thought I was, I didn’t really think this rule applied to me. I took it even a step further and deluded myself into believing that a relationship was the only thing that could actually keep me sober. home group in Houston was chalk full of ‘em; skinny ones, fat ones, short ones, tall ones, black ones, brown ones, white ones, red ones…girls with black hair, girls with brown hair, girls with red hair, even girls with blue hair! And the best part was…they were just as desperate and hopeless as I was.Unfortunately or fortunately, my story isn’t as neat and clear-cut as others on this topic. By keeping me sober for those first ninety days out of detox, Vicky became a sort of crutch for my recovery…meaning she helped me to “walk” while I was still wounded, until I was healthy enough to “walk” on my own.Without really knowing it, we were using each other for similar reasons.We even went skydiving one weekend and wakeboarding another.It didn’t take long for me to develop some strong feelings for Vicky.

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