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The revamped museum includes a replica of one of the Wad mines at Seathwaite and a full description of historical pencil making (which is rather more interesting than it sounds), though the former iteration of the museum did not make particular mention of the key Jewish involvement in the foundation of the industry, which is important to provide and which I have identified from my research.While the pencil may seem an innocuous and ordinary item today, it was until the advent of the biro the only way of writing both portably and reliably on a wide variety of surfaces in wet or dry conditions, as the goose-quill pen, or the later steel, dip-in fountain pen, lacked practical portability and had to be used on a level surface.Certainly they were on a scale never seen before, as they formed the largest smelter complex in Europe.Close by on the Penrith Road, opposite the petrol station, next to Brigham Row, there is also a group of modern holiday homes, which local sources relate revealed evidence of other smelters, when they were built, but which was swiftly built over.There were working here as early as 1566 called ' Miner'sputt'.There is also a hand-chiseled adit level showing the the lead bearing Brandlehow Lode was being worked in the 16th/ 17th Centuries. Also in 1596 there was also ore extracted from Fechtenbach's nick, by the German miner Fectenbach.

There are remains of the German mines, at Dalehead, Castlenook, St Thomas' Work and Longwork, as well as the famous Gold Scope Mine.The value of the article, however, was not as yet known, and for nearly a hundred years it was employed only for marking sheep and polishing steel articles.In the course of time, some Jews in London discovered its utility for drawing, and it was by them first made into crayons, or what we now call black-lead pencils.Pieces of wad could be shaped into re-usable moulds for producing bullets and ordnance by the military.Even though it was illegal to buy and trade in Wad, the production and sale of pencils was vital for the economy and income of Jewish pedlars, which is why the trade persisted and doubtless too, the public also needed access to a valuable writing tool.

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