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The DRP is a monitoring program designed to track your Texas driving record and identify problem drivers based on their traffic history.

The DRP uses a relatively straightforward formula for assessing points against your TX driver record.

Comal Texas Driver Responsibility Program A fine is not all that comes along with your newly issued citation.

The state of Texas also operates the Driver Responsibility Program ("DRP").

These benefits come in addition to the considerable costs you will avoid by not being labeled a habitual offender or having your Texas drivers license temporarily suspended.

No matter how you plan to handle your citation, you must call the Comal Texas court within ten days of being issued the citation, or risk heavier fines and penalties.

If you fail to call or show up in person to the Comal Texas court for long enough, a bench warrant will be put out for your arrest. Contact the Comal Texas court stated on your ticket immediately after being issued a citation.

When you contact the Comal Texas court, you will also find out how to pay your citation.

Counties differ within Texas so you should ask the Comal Texas court handling your ticket what payment methods are available and if you are eligible to attend a Comal Texas ticket dismissal course such as Get

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